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Utility Services

Whether it is your home or your business you cannot afford to ignore your utilities. You cannot be without these vital services and with so many providers it is easy to get confused and enter into a deal that is not always the best option for you.

Utilities are so important and yet the thought of arranging them is dreaded by many. Martyn Linton is our trusted utility advisor and has helped many people save money on their bills. He wants to help you do the same.


You can find out more about the utility services Martyn provides below and we encourage you to make an appointment with him to discuss your options. 

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Commercial Utilities

At no cost to you we will conduct a free business utility check. We can help with broadband, card payment solutions, energy, gas, telephones and water. We understand comparing the markets can be overwhelming, so we take away the pressure and research top suppliers to find you the best price at the right time.

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Domestic Utilities

As an Approved UW Partner, Martyn Linton has helped people save as much as £1500 a year on their domestic utilities. Switching your home services to UW saves you time and money on your bills. The more services you switch, the more you save. Book a free appointment today.

"Martin was fantastic. He helped me switch to UW, he explained everything and did all the hard work for me. We’ve saved a bundle and are very happy with our choices."

Bonnie - Saved over £1300 a year

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