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Uniform Tax Rebate


Do You Wear a Uniform to Work?

It is quite likely that you are owed money by HMRC!

If you wear a uniform to work, you could be entitled to a tax rebate for the costs of maintaining it. This includes washing, repairing, or replacing your uniform. Many workers are unaware of this benefit, which means you could be owed money without even realising it.

How Much Can You Claim?

The amount you can claim depends on your occupation and the nature of your uniform. On average, workers can claim back up to £60 per year. The largest refund obtained was over £15,000. If you haven’t claimed before, you could be entitled to a rebate for the past four years, potentially resulting in a significant sum.

How It Works

Fill out our simple online form. The team will ask you for some basic information about your employment and uniform.

The team will handle your claim from start to finish, dealing directly with HMRC.


Once approved, your rebate will be sent directly to you.

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