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Online Shop and Payment Solutions

If you are looking for a easy to set up and run online store or need to take payments on the move then look no further. The Linton Consultancy Ltd have partnered with SumUp and Shopify to bring you the perfect solution!

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The SumUp online shop provides a professional online store presence that is perfect for your products as is extremely easy to set up. Once you've added your products and designed your store you are ready to go. A great benefit of having a SumUp online store is that unlike other providers there are no monthly fees and you are only charged a fee when you make a sale. This is ideal for start up and small businesses. 

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Not every business is inside a building and the need to take payments from anywhere at any time is a must for every business. Taking payments on a door step, over a counter in a shop or at trade events could not be easier with a the range of popular Sum Up card payment solutions. 

Shopify Logo

Shopify is arguably the biggest online store provider globally. The store is easy to set up and operate. Shopify operate on a monthly fee basis and are trusted by millions of people. 

We have introduced a free short course that is available through this website that will teach you everything you need to know about Shopify. It also contains a link to start a free trial account.

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