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Street Gangs & Links to Organised Crime

This course is designed as an entry level course teaching professional persons how local street level gangs link into serious and organised crime.


Street gangs operate in several areas and they are not limited to a large city area. They operate in plain site and there is often little or no appreciation for how they link into more serious crime such as drug supply.

This course will teach you everything you need to know. 

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Dealer Counting Money

Areas Covered

  • Knowledge Importance

  • What is a Gang

  • Types of Gangs

  • Gang Levels

  • Reasons People Join Gangs

  • Common Crime Types

  • Degrees of Gang Crime

  • Gangs and Organised Crime

  • Gang Violence

  • Knife Crime in the UK

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Target Audience

This course is aimed at any person or organisation that is needs to understand the ways in which local level street gangs link into serious and organised crime. This course has helped members of the NHS, Police, Probation and Children's Care Providers to identify at risk people and intervene to protect and divert them away from risk.


No prior knowledge needed.

Smoker with Baseball Cap
  • Duration: At the learners pace. Learn any time day or night.

  • Assessment method: None. This is a lecture style input.

  • Certification: Certificate of completion from The L:inton Consultancy Ltd.

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