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Safeguarding is more critical than ever. Our comprehensive online safeguarding training courses are designed to help individuals and organisations to protect vulnerable people, their staff, clients, and others from harm. Whether you’re working in education, healthcare, social services, or any other sector that requires robust safeguarding measures, our courses provide the essential knowledge and skills you need to create a safe and compliant environment.

Highfield Qualifications Logo

We are an approved Highfield Qualifications centre. The courses below have been produced and endorsed by Highfield and are completed online. 


Virtual College courses are hosted via their website and can be viewed by clicking the relevant buttons below.

Adult Sexual Exploitation

Child Exploitation and Extra-familial Harm

Child and Adult Sexual Exploitation

E-Safety: Online Safety

Leadership and Safeguarding for Managers

Level 1 Safeguarding Everyone Refresher

Level 2 Safeguarding Everyone Refresher

Level 2 Safeguarding Adults Refresher 

Level 2 Safeguarding Children Refresher

Level 2 Safeguarding Everyone and FGM

Level 3 Safeguarding Adults Refresher

Level 3 Safeguarding Everyone Refresher

Level 3 Safeguarding Adults and Dementia

Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty

Mental Health - Employer and Employee

Modern Slavery and Trafficking

Safeguarding in Children's Workforce

Safeguarding in Healthcare

Safeguarding in Sport

Self Neglect

Suicidal Thoughts

Supporting Your Staff Through Mental Health

Understanding the Impacts of Domestic Abuse

CCE, Gangs & County Lines

Child Poverty

Dementia Awareness

Introduction to the Autism Spectrum

Level 1 Safeguarding Everyone

Level 2 Safeguarding Everyone

Level 2 Safeguarding Adults

Level 2 Safeguarding Children

Level 2 Safeguarding Children & Recruitment

Level 3 Safeguarding Adults

Level 3 Safeguarding Everyone

Level 3 Safeguarding Children

Level 3 Safeguarding Adults & Mental Capacity

Mental Health Training

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resource Pack

Prevent Radicalisation and Extremism

Safeguarding in Education for School Staff

Safeguarding in Social Care

Safer Recruitment

Sexual Health

Supporting Teenagers and Young People

Trio of Vulnerabilities Safeguarding

Understanding Professional Boundaries

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