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Discover how to master your money, grow your income, reduce your debt, budget the smart way, invest, and much more! Regardless of what your financial expertise is or how much money you have in your bank account, this book is designed to provide you with everything you need to take your finances to the next level. You’ll know the next steps toward financial freedom.


Look at the Future Goals
Invest, Invest, Invest!
The 3:3:4 Paradigm
Manage Money and Earn More
Impulsiveness Means Disaster
Risk is Healthier Than Full Security
The Power of Capital
Wholesale Concept
Lessen Unnecessary Leisure
Manage Money Without Depriving
The Main Focus: Overhead and Operation
Expenses, Wages and the Payroll System
Utilities, Internal Services and Taxes
Manage Money Through Stock Marketing
Tight Budget Strategies
Evaluating Your Spending
Money Management Strategies
Illegal Money Management Schemes

The Wealth Strategist eBook

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