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Lone working is a term that applies to anybody who is working alone, with no supervision, for any length of time. This can range from roles such as a gas engineer visiting a domestic property to a warehouse operative retrieving goods from racking.


If an employee is working in a separate location from their colleagues, then this is defined as lone working. Lone working can also apply to someone who works from home. Using engaging content and activities throughout, this interactive course takes you through topics such as what lone working is, the risks of lone working, risk assessments and controls and the responsibilities of employers and employees.


Areas Covered
• Think about – who are lone workers?
• What is lone working?
• Working from home
• Risks and hazards of lone working
• Risk assessments
• The PET assessment
• Lone worker safety
• Employee and employer responsibilities
• Lone worker policy
• Lone working checklist


This online training course is suitable for all employees, where an awareness of lone working is required.

Awareness of Lone Working Online Course

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