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Customer Comment - UW Home Broadband

"Loving the new broadband by the way. The speed is fantastic."

This is what new broadband customer B.G said about her new broadband.

I had the pleasure of being contacted by B.G and her husband who were looking to save money on their domestic utility bills. The appointment resulted in the family saving £1300 a year!

UW provide a range of broadband plans and all our broadband packages now come with our UW Wi-Fi Hub free of charge which been awarded Which? Best Buy status two years running – perfect for supporting a high-speed internet connection.

And thanks to our partnership with Amazon, you can also add 2 of their eero devices for just £5 a month to boost the range of your Wi-Fi.

UW Broadband by Martyn Linton Authorised Partner

Find Out More About UW Home Broadband

Finding out more about UW home broadband options in your area could not be easier.

Simply click below and hit the Get Quote button.

Enter your address and when prompted deselect any services (all UW services will be highlighted) that are not of interest and follow the prompts.

Martyn Linton is a UW Authorised Partner

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