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U Switch Award Winners - Best Value Utilities Goes to UW

It's official. The domestic utilities I promote is a winner!

The UW domestic utilities that I promote as an Authorised Partner have won ANOTHER award.

UW win the Uswitch award for Best Value For Money

I started promoting UW services earlier this year after becoming a customer. When I joined UW I signed up for energy, broadband and a sim card and I saved around £450 a year. and I also got the bill boost of £250 on top. It is safe to say that I am a happy customer. I would not promote a service I would not use myself.

As a UW Approved Partner I have helped people save THOUSANDS on their utility bills.

UW Customer Success Story

Bonnie contacted me after seeing a social media post I put out. She had done a quote online before our appointment and she knew I could save her money. She saved an amazing £1300!

P.M also contacted me after seeing a social media post. He saved even MORE! He saved an amazing £1500 a year. Like me he was so impressed with how UW operate he joined my team as an Approved Partner.

UW Customer Success Story

Saving money is great but how does EARNING money at the same time sound?

UW Partners work as little or as long as they like. You are in charge of your own hours.

You can join to top up a wage or work full time. The choice is yours.

To find out more click below. If you would like to join the team get in touch.

Thank you for reading.

Martyn Linton

Founder of The Linton Consultancy Ltd

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