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Preventing Underage Sales

Do not let your business fall foul of the law due to a lack of training.

The issue of underage sales is a vital part of the licensing objectives and one that requires the collective effort of staff regardless of role to address it effectively. Selling age-restricted products or services to minors not only poses legal ramifications but also carries significant ethical implications. From alcohol and tobacco to age-restricted online content and products, protecting minors from accessing such items is a crucial responsibility of all licensees and their staff.

As a qualified and former licensee who has also worked in enforcement I can assure you that failing to get a grip of this vital area of business WILL hurt you and it will hurt you HARD!

Underage Sales

The consequences of underage sales extend far beyond mere regulatory compliance. Young people exposed to harmful substances or inappropriate content may face severe health risks, stunted development, and compromised well-being. Additionally, businesses caught engaging in such practices risk heavy fines, reputational damage, and potential legal action, leading to the disruption of their operations and loss of customer trust.

Comprehensive Training and Education:

It is not enough to only teach licensees about age restricted sales. Businesses in this field must invest in thorough training for their employees. This training should encompass understanding relevant laws, verifying age identification, recognising fake IDs, and knowing how to handle difficult situations when a sale must be declined.

As your trusted hospitality consultant and trainer I can provide the perfect solution so you can protect your business.

Every single member of staff who is involved in selling age restricted products should complete one of the endorsed online training courses below. The certificates of completion should be retained by the licensee and should be made available to authorities on request if you are inspected.

By doing this you are evidencing your commitment to the licensing objectives and showing that you are doing everything possible to prevent under age sales.

Accidents Happen

There will be occasions where despite all the training and policies you have in place where a underage sale will happen. In this case you NEED to be able to show that you have done everything in your power to have prevented it.

This is where training records, your refusal book, procedures you deploy and more come into play!

Can you hand on heart say that you have all of this place?

Let me teach you how to protect yourself.

Preventing underage sales is not just a legal obligation; it is a moral imperative that affects the well-being of our youth and the integrity of businesses. By fostering a culture of responsibility, awareness, and collaboration among businesses, parents, educators, and policymakers, we can create a safer environment for our young generation.

My Highfield Qualifications approved course can be completed at any time day or night and at your own pace.

On successful completion your certificate is available for immediate download.

To find out more about the course simply click below.

Thank you for reading.

Martyn Linton

Founder of The Linton Consultancy Ltd

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