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Customer Feedback on Gangs Training

Updated: Sep 15

"In 20 years + of working in education as a teacher and leader his course has been the most in depth insight I've experienced"

This is a small part of what safeguarding professional Geoff said about one of my gangs courses!

5 Star Review of Martyn Linton's Gangs Training

I have been teaching gang tactics to law enforcement professionals from across the world since 2018. I have taught officers from the UK, USA, Japan, Germany, Australia, Africa, Iceland, Romania and other countries. In the UK I have taught other professionals such as members of the NHS, HM Prison Service, Children's Care Providers, Probation Service, Teachers and more.

In my teens I became a member of a low level street gang. I was expelled from school and started getting into bother. I was out of control and heading for jail or the morgue. Thankfully due to some well timed interventions I was successfully diverted away from that life and I went on to have a successful life.

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I have written two courses that can be completed anytime day or night and at your own pace. Both are available via my website. In addition to my courses I provide accredited online safeguarding training written and produced by professionals that is endorsed by CPD or the Highfield Qualifications awarding body.

Identifying Risk Factors For Gang Membership & Criminal Exploitation

This course is ideal for anyone who working with people involved or at risk of becoming involved in criminal gangs. It is an entry level course that teaches you the basic foundations of gangs, reasons people join gangs, spotting signs that people are getting involved in a gang and practical advice for dealing with people involved in gangs.

This course has previously been hosted on the Udemy platform and as of 25/07/23 has been added to my website at

The Complete Guide to UK Gangs

This complete course takes you through everything you need to know about UK gang culture.

This course includes all of the areas covered in the Identifying Risk Factors course and more. The extra areas covered in this course include extra subjects within the risk factors course along with additional subject areas covering gang violence and gang criminality.

This course has previously been hosted on the Udemy platform and has now been added to my website at

To find out more about the training services that I provide please contact me or visit my website at

Thanks for reading.

Martyn Linton

Founder of The Linton Consultancy Ltd

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