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Gangs and Exploitation


At aged 12 Martyn started falling into the wrong path in life and became a member of a low level street gang. Heading for jail or the morgue he was successfully diverted and went on to have a successful career in law enforcement.

He has trained with and patrolled with specialised gang enforcement units in the US. He holds the US title of Certified Basic Gang Specialist and is a member of the California Gang Investigator's Association. Since 2018 Martyn has taught hundreds of law enforcement professionals from across the world.

In the UK Martyn has taught members working in the NHS, schools, HM Prisons, Probation, local authority, safeguarding organisations, children's care, Home Office and more.

Online Learning

Upcoming Webinars

No upcoming events at the moment

In Person Workshops and Events

Martyn Linton at Crimecon 2022

Image: Martyn Linton with Lennox Rogers and Professor Carl Chinn at Crimecon 2022

Details of workshops and events are coming soon.


Each of the online courses above can be held as a face to face class/workshop at your premises.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

"I have recently been guided brilliantly through a comprehensive gang culture and knowledge about gangs course and been astounded by the level of detail, personal and professional insight that Martyn goes into.

Any School, college, community resource that wants to understand the layers of gang culture and how they present themselves would benefit greatly from taking one of Martyn's courses.

In 20 years + of working in education as a teacher and leader his course has been the most in depth insight I've experienced

Thanks Martyn for sharing your experience and passing this on to change the course of those we can collectively reach in future."

Geoff - Safeguarding Professional

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