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Risk Factors For Gang Membership & Criminal Exploitation

This course is designed as an entry level course teaching professional persons who deal with at risk people about he risk factors and signs that exist with those at risk of gang membership or criminal exploitation. Having identified risk students are given advice on how to deal with at risk persons and are given personal guidance on how to do this whilst remaining professional. This is an international problem and is a growing threat. We discuss how preventing gang crime and exploitation is not the sole responsibility of a single agency.


Everyone from parents, local authority to law enforcement have a duty to prevent this area of high harm criminality. Prevention is better than cure and we aim to equip professionals with the knowledge they need to identify those at risk or are actively involved in crime so that interventions and safeguarding can be implemented.

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Areas Covered

  • Knowledge Importance

  • What is a Gang

  • Gang Levels

  • Degrees of Gang Crime

  • Reasons People Join Gangs

  • Exploitation and Gang Recruitment

  • Grooming - How it Happens

  • Basic Human Needs

  • Gang Initiations

  • Risk Factors for Individuals

  • Wider Risk Factors

  •  Signs to Look for in People

  • Missing People

  • Inside the Mind of a Violent Gang Member

  • Barriers to Communication

  • Witness Intimidation

  • Golden Rules for Professionals

  • Safeguarding and Partnership Working

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Target Audience

This course is aimed at any person or organisation that is involved in working with vulnerable people who may be at risk of becoming involved in gang activity. This course has helped members of the NHS, Police, Probation and Children's Care Providers to identify at risk people and intervene to protect and divert them away from risk.


No prior knowledge needed.

Smoker with Baseball Cap
  • Duration: At the learners pace. Learn any time day or night.

  • Assessment method: None. This is a lecture style input.

  • Certification: Certificate of completion from The L:inton Consultancy Ltd.

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