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The Ultimate Guide to UK Gangs

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Our one day workshop that has been taught to many professionals has been compressed into this six hour ultimate course. It contains all of the content from the Street Gangs & Links to Organised crime and Identifying Risk Factors for Gang Membership course plus extra content. This course is is a fully packed course that will teach you everything you need to know about UK gang culture. Written at entry level this content is aimed at professionals who work with gang members or those at risk of becoming gang members. It will also benefit those who work with victims of criminal exploitation at the hands of criminal gangs and organised crime groups. In this course we teach you everything you need to know from what a gang is through to how they operate, how to identify those who may get involved in gangs and how to deal with those that are involved. Gangs and the associated criminality are an international problem and is a growing threat. We discuss how preventing gang crime and exploitation is not the sole responsibility of a single agency. Everyone from parents, local authority to law enforcement have a duty to prevent this area of high harm criminality. By the end of the course students will possess knowledge that will assist them with their work and will enable them to commence diversion proceedings with a view of supporting the at risk person away from a criminal life.

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